Our motto is to raise functional cattle with great dispositions, performance and birth-to-weaning ability.

Honesty, integrity, and a lot of hard work are the values that have kept us in business for 25 years. We are a small family operation with a big heart and mighty work ethic. We started Kretschman Angus with the future generation in mind. Our goal is to become a household name as excellent Angus producers and leave behind a legacy of raising great cattle. Living in the rough country north of Arvada, Wyoming, and nestled in the Powder River, our business journey has had plenty of hurdles to leap. We have always risen to the challenge and found new ways of achieving our goals. Our cattle are moderate in size and do well on grass, but raise a big calf and breed back on time.

The bulls we offer are sons of AI Sires and herd bulls chosen thoughtfully by their proven performance, rather than their popularity. Moderation, volume, thickness, and great carcass numbers are among these proven qualities, all in a calving ease package. We raise our cattle to perform well in our environment on grass, but also do well in the feedlot. We want eye appeal along with great EPDs, leading us to use moderate framed, low birth weight bulls that have muscle and volume. This results in an animal with great numbers and great looks. We develop our bulls right here on the ranch, feeding them silage-free high roughage rations.

Looking for an Angus bull with impressive natural muscle, volume, and length in a calving ease package? We have the bull for you.

Kelby & Lacey Kretschman
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